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About the Lions

Lions serve. It’s that simple, and it has been since we first began in 1917. Our clubs are places where individuals join together to give their valuable time and effort to improving their communities, and the world.

Our Mission

The mission of our club is to provide support—financial and otherwise—to our designated charities and programs. We do this by conducting fundraising events and providing volunteer services, the profits from which are distributed at the direction of our Board of Directors.

Our History

Founded in 1954 as the Ravenna Lions Club, our members have established an amazing record of service to the Ravenna, MI community for the last 68 years. While many of our efforts and programs have centered on support for the visually impaired, we’ve also worked hard over the years to provide needed assistance to many other organizations and individuals.

Our members have contributed over 90,000 hours of community service and this number continues to grow.

Global Partnership

As part of Lions International, we’re connected to 46,000 worldwide clubs with 1.4+ million members which makes us the world’s largest service club organization … and one of its most effective. Our members are known for their willingness to step up and provide whatever is needed in support of their local communities, whether it’s children who need eyeglasses, adults in need of adaptive devices, or entire communities in need of disaster relief assistance.